Delaware Concealed Carry Permit Requirements

Residency Requirement

You must be a resident of the state of Delaware. (If you are a Delaware resident, an out of state permit with Delaware reciprocity is not valid for you in the state of Delaware. Delaware residents must have a Delaware CCDW to legally conceal.)

Safety Training

Training is determined by Delaware law and must be administered by an instructor certified by a recognized organization. Certified courses included training regarding the handling of your firearm and ammunition; storing your weapon and child safety; instruction on state laws pertaining to the use of deadly force, purchasing, possession and transportation of firearms; shooting fundamentals and a live fire exercise including the expenditure of at least 100 rounds.

For proper and quality training, you must have required training by a certified instructor in Delaware.

Other Requirements to Obtain a Delaware CCDW License

Publication of your intent

You must publish your full name, your home address and indicate your intent to make application for a Delaware CCDW in a newspaper, published in your county, that has a circulation of at least 35% percent of the population in your ZIP code. The notice must run at least ten days before you file your application and the newspaper will send you a notarized letter that your ad was run.

Approved list Here.


You must have five reference questionnaires completed by people within your county. A link to the form can be found below.

Recent Photograph

You must supply two 2″x2″ color passport-style photographs, taken within the past six months.


You must be fingerprinted for a background check performed by the state police. Appointments can be several weeks from the date you call, so be sure to plan accordingly – call ahead and check their lead time. The background check costs $69 and takes 6-8 weeks to complete; however, once you have your receipt of payment, you may file your application with the Prothonotary.


You must complete your application and have it notarized. You must file all paperwork, as well as a duplicate copy of all paperwork. The filing fee is $65.00 for the first three years.

After you File:

Be aware that Delaware is a MAY ISSUE state and, even though you may have successfully submitted all required documents, passed the state police background check and Attorney General’s investigation, the Judge may, at his discretion, choose to deny you a license. After the investigations are completed, it may take 2-3 weeks for the application to make it to the Judge for review, if your application is approved, your permit will be mailed to you within another 1-2 weeks.

This  time frame is not a requirement and they do not always get the license out in this amount of time.  Sometimes it can be much longer.

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