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A Delaware resident that desires to carry a concealed deadly weapon (CCDW) in this state must have a Delaware license to do so. A Delaware resident is someone who carries or is required to have a Delaware driver’s license and/or is registered to vote in Delaware. If you have any other questions concerning residency or the CCDW application process, please contact the DOJ Special Investigations Unit at (302) 577-8500.

To be able to carry a concealed weapon you must first have a CDW permit. In order to get this permit you must first post your application published at least 10 days before filing. You must then obtain and attach an affidavit which shows that the publication was met. After that you must also submit 5 reference questionnaires completed by citizens of the county in which you reside. Instructor Kevin O’Shaughnessy can also help you with this process.

Also, you must have the application notarized. If denied for your application, you are allowed to appeal. If accepted you will have 90 days to complete the approved gun course, only then will you be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. After your first three years you will need to reapply for your permit. If you are granted another permit this one will now last for five years, not three. Delaware permits are honored in 21 other states.

Disclaimer: While the information provided here is legal in nature, it is not to be construed as legal advice, and is for educational and informational purposes only. Laws and rules may have changed since this page was last updated.

Delaware’s Superior Court is responsible for granting Concealed Deadly Weapon Permits in Delaware after the Attorney General’s Office investigates and recommends this application.

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